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Jayda's_Vintage_Shawl.pdf Jayda's_Vintage_Shawl.pdf
Size : 678.016 Kb
Type : pdf
Chevron_Stitch_Blanket.pdf Chevron_Stitch_Blanket.pdf
Size : 377.117 Kb
Type : pdf
EarWarmer_Headband_MossStitch.pdf EarWarmer_Headband_MossStitch.pdf
Size : 205.261 Kb
Type : pdf
Mini_Tree_Pillow.pdf Mini_Tree_Pillow.pdf
Size : 226.656 Kb
Type : pdf
Heart_Throw_Cushion.pdf Heart_Throw_Cushion.pdf
Size : 482.194 Kb
Type : pdf
Butterfly_Applique_Pin.pdf Butterfly_Applique_Pin.pdf
Size : 283.452 Kb
Type : pdf
AwarenessRibbonGraphPattern.pdf AwarenessRibbonGraphPattern.pdf
Size : 253.632 Kb
Type : pdf
TotallyTunisianCalendarBlanketBorder.pdf TotallyTunisianCalendarBlanketBorder.pdf
Size : 264.829 Kb
Type : pdf

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Scrapbuster_Blanket_Pattern.pdf Scrapbuster_Blanket_Pattern.pdf
Size : 301.07 Kb
Type : pdf

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Soap_Saver_Scrubbie.pdf Soap_Saver_Scrubbie.pdf
Size : 353.977 Kb
Type : pdf
RainDrop_Amigurumi.pdf RainDrop_Amigurumi.pdf
Size : 375.083 Kb
Type : pdf
Bob_and_Teddy_Pattern.pdf Bob_and_Teddy_Pattern.pdf
Size : 501.557 Kb
Type : pdf
Mouse_Ears_Stocking.pdf Mouse_Ears_Stocking.pdf
Size : 385.49 Kb
Type : pdf
Creeper_Ear_Warmers_and_Headband.pdf Creeper_Ear_Warmers_and_Headband.pdf
Size : 332.9 Kb
Type : pdf

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Pixel_The_Toddler_Toy.pdf Pixel_The_Toddler_Toy.pdf
Size : 377.174 Kb
Type : pdf
Baby_Blanket_in_Fan_Stitch.pdf Baby_Blanket_in_Fan_Stitch.pdf
Size : 558.955 Kb
Type : pdf
Kitty_Stocking.pdf Kitty_Stocking.pdf
Size : 409.604 Kb
Type : pdf
Crochet_Enderman_Toy.pdf Crochet_Enderman_Toy.pdf
Size : 158.203 Kb
Type : pdf
Sunburst_Motif_Drink_Coaster.pdf Sunburst_Motif_Drink_Coaster.pdf
Size : 139.213 Kb
Type : pdf
Heart_Applique.pdf Heart_Applique.pdf
Size : 280.1 Kb
Type : pdf
Placemat_with_Star_Burst_Border.pdf Placemat_with_Star_Burst_Border.pdf
Size : 282.099 Kb
Type : pdf
Candy_Corn_Pattern.pdf Candy_Corn_Pattern.pdf
Size : 147.046 Kb
Type : pdf
Amigurumi_Narwhal_Toy.pdf Amigurumi_Narwhal_Toy.pdf
Size : 199.946 Kb
Type : pdf
Minion_Stocking.pdf Minion_Stocking.pdf
Size : 388.679 Kb
Type : pdf

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Dishcloth_in_Moss_Stitch.pdf Dishcloth_in_Moss_Stitch.pdf
Size : 252.438 Kb
Type : pdf
BumbleBee_Toy.pdf BumbleBee_Toy.pdf
Size : 381.094 Kb
Type : pdf
Crochet_Star_Applique.pdf Crochet_Star_Applique.pdf
Size : 273.844 Kb
Type : pdf
Sunburst_Baby_Blanket.pdf Sunburst_Baby_Blanket.pdf
Size : 380.128 Kb
Type : pdf
Cherries_Applique.pdf Cherries_Applique.pdf
Size : 266.754 Kb
Type : pdf
Leaf_Applique.pdf Leaf_Applique.pdf
Size : 213.335 Kb
Type : pdf
Barefoot_Sandals_Pattern.pdf Barefoot_Sandals_Pattern.pdf
Size : 243.586 Kb
Type : pdf
Crochet_Pokeball_Keychain_Charm.pdf Crochet_Pokeball_Keychain_Charm.pdf
Size : 261.078 Kb
Type : pdf
Creeper_Stocking.pdf Creeper_Stocking.pdf
Size : 350.209 Kb
Type : pdf
Acorn.pdf Acorn.pdf
Size : 241.228 Kb
Type : pdf
Snowflake_Applique.pdf Snowflake_Applique.pdf
Size : 194.509 Kb
Type : pdf
Bridal_Fingerless_Gloves_Pattern.pdf Bridal_Fingerless_Gloves_Pattern.pdf
Size : 228.312 Kb
Type : pdf
V-stitch_Dishcloth.pdf V-stitch_Dishcloth.pdf
Size : 375.956 Kb
Type : pdf
Candy_Heart_Pattern.pdf Candy_Heart_Pattern.pdf
Size : 229.811 Kb
Type : pdf
Splendid_Springtime_Shawl.pdf Splendid_Springtime_Shawl.pdf
Size : 616.175 Kb
Type : pdf
Egg_Applique.pdf Egg_Applique.pdf
Size : 113.627 Kb
Type : pdf
Custom_Slippers_Classic_Wrap.pdf Custom_Slippers_Classic_Wrap.pdf
Size : 220.277 Kb
Type : pdf
Baby_Slippers_Classic_Wrap.pdf Baby_Slippers_Classic_Wrap.pdf
Size : 198.287 Kb
Type : pdf
Easy_Bell_Ornament_Pattern.pdf Easy_Bell_Ornament_Pattern.pdf
Size : 426.952 Kb
Type : pdf
Corner_To_Corner_Baby_Blanket.pdf Corner_To_Corner_Baby_Blanket.pdf
Size : 498.46 Kb
Type : pdf
Straight_Granny_Shell_Stitch_Dishcloth.pdf Straight_Granny_Shell_Stitch_Dishcloth.pdf
Size : 467.209 Kb
Type : pdf
Hair_Scrunchie_Very_Easy_Pattern.pdf Hair_Scrunchie_Very_Easy_Pattern.pdf
Size : 355.98 Kb
Type : pdf



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Free Crochet Patterns From Jayda InStitches

Stuffed Toy For Toddlers and Kids,  Vintage Shawl,  Baby Blanket,  Enderman Stuffed Toy, Amigurumi Narwhal,  Heart Decoration,  Moss Stitch Dish Cloth,  Amigurumi Bumble Bee, Snowflake Applique, Star Accessory,  Acorn Decoration, Cherries Applique,  Leaf Decorations, Fingerless Gloves, Bridal Clothing, Butterfly Accessories, Ear Warmers, Headband, Mouse Ears Christmas Stocking, Character Christmas Stockings, Classic Chevron Stitch Blanket Pattern, Heart Throw Cushion or Pillow, Sunburst Motif Drink Coasters, Ripple Stitch Baby Blanket In The Round, Soap Saver Scrubbie, Raindrop Amigurumi Stuffed Toy, Barefoot Sandals, Crochet Pokeball Phone Charm, Pokemon Go Key Chain, V-Stitch Dishcloth, Crochet Placemats with Star Burst border, Crochet Candy Corn, Classic Headband in Moss Stitch, Candy Heart Pattern, Splendid Springtime Shawl, Egg Applique, Classic Wrap Baby Slippers, Slippers for the Whole Family, Bob and Teddy Stuffed Toy, C2C Corner to Corner Baby Blanket, Easy Crochet Christmas Bell Ornament, Very Easy Hair Scrunchies Pattern, Straight Granny Shell Stitch Pattern, Apple and Pumpkin Coasters / Applique's, Maple Leaf Applique, HomemadeGift Tags, Crochet Yo Yo, Amigurumi Ghost Stuffed Toy, Mini Winter Hat Tree Ornament, Flower Bookmark with Tassel, Power Cord Strap, Beachy Beaded Anklet, Button Flower Cover, Ribbed Winter Hat, Cat Face Cup Cozy, Among Us Plush Toy, Paper Chain Christmas Crochet Pattern, Mini Christmas Wreath Applique.

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MapleLeafAppliquePattern.pdf MapleLeafAppliquePattern.pdf
Size : 337.291 Kb
Type : pdf



Apple_Pumpkin_Coaster_Pattern.pdf Apple_Pumpkin_Coaster_Pattern.pdf
Size : 347.755 Kb
Type : pdf
Christmas_Light_Applique_Pattern.pdf Christmas_Light_Applique_Pattern.pdf
Size : 267.913 Kb
Type : pdf
Gift_Tag_Pattern.pdf Gift_Tag_Pattern.pdf
Size : 351.019 Kb
Type : pdf
YoYo_Pattern.pdf YoYo_Pattern.pdf
Size : 202.276 Kb
Type : pdf

Looking For More Patterns?

Ghost_Amigurumi_Pattern.pdf Ghost_Amigurumi_Pattern.pdf
Size : 366.367 Kb
Type : pdf
Mini_Winter_Hat_Ornament_Pattern.pdf Mini_Winter_Hat_Ornament_Pattern.pdf
Size : 260.854 Kb
Type : pdf
Flower_Bookmark_Pattern.pdf Flower_Bookmark_Pattern.pdf
Size : 262.001 Kb
Type : pdf
Power_Cord_Strap_Pattern.pdf Power_Cord_Strap_Pattern.pdf
Size : 276.675 Kb
Type : pdf
Beachy_Beaded_Anklet_Pattern.pdf Beachy_Beaded_Anklet_Pattern.pdf
Size : 170.895 Kb
Type : pdf

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CuteAsAButtonFlowerPattern.pdf CuteAsAButtonFlowerPattern.pdf
Size : 264.774 Kb
Type : pdf
Ribbed_Hat_Pattern.pdf Ribbed_Hat_Pattern.pdf
Size : 229.856 Kb
Type : pdf
Kitty_Cat_Cup_Cozy.pdf Kitty_Cat_Cup_Cozy.pdf
Size : 279.78 Kb
Type : pdf
AmongUs_Spaceman_Amigurumi_Pattern.pdf AmongUs_Spaceman_Amigurumi_Pattern.pdf
Size : 384.941 Kb
Type : pdf
Paper_Chain_Crochet_Pattern.pdf Paper_Chain_Crochet_Pattern.pdf
Size : 397.424 Kb
Type : pdf

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Christmas_Wreath_Applique_Pattern.pdf Christmas_Wreath_Applique_Pattern.pdf
Size : 310.006 Kb
Type : pdf
Calendar_Blanket_2023_GraphPattern.pdf Calendar_Blanket_2023_GraphPattern.pdf
Size : 212.945 Kb
Type : pdf
Poppy_Crochet_Pattern.pdf Poppy_Crochet_Pattern.pdf
Size : 222.078 Kb
Type : pdf
Cross_Graph_Pattern.pdf Cross_Graph_Pattern.pdf
Size : 282.428 Kb
Type : pdf
Sheep_Ornament_Pattern.pdf Sheep_Ornament_Pattern.pdf
Size : 194.576 Kb
Type : pdf
Frog_Ornament_Pattern.pdf Frog_Ornament_Pattern.pdf
Size : 199.074 Kb
Type : pdf